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Screen Magnifier is a small java based programm, similar to the Magnifier brought with Microsof Windows. In difference, it has some extra benefits:

To start the software, easily dubbleclick on the screenMagnifier.exe file. Move the magnification window to the desired position and resize it, if you need to. You can move the magnification area with the arrow keys and by dragging the magnified image in the magnification window. To change the settings, use the right mouse button and a context menu will appear.

Screenshot of the software

As this programm runs as min priority threat and does not take much of your computer resources while refreshing every second, it is very useful to bring some information from one screen to any other screen, if the information is unfrequently refreshed.

The Screen Magnifier uses - of course - the famous ImageJ libraries.

There are still some things to do within this program: please feel free to contact me, if you have any ideas.